Box #3 feat. Duncan Shotton

 Credit to  Duncan  for this excellent gif

Credit to Duncan for this excellent gif

Somehow I made it to summer intact. If you're a regular reader you'll know a little bit about my last disaster. I spent a month or so taking it easy, but was itching to get started on the preparations for the next box. This time, it was in collaboration with one of my favourite product designers, Duncan Shotton from Duncan Shotton Design Studio. 

 Rainbow pencils and paper rainbow sharpenings

Rainbow pencils and paper rainbow sharpenings

I can't remember exactly the first time I came across Duncan's Rainbow Pencils, it was somewhere online and at some point during 2016. I remember thinking that it was a great but simple concept. So I s̶t̶a̶l̶k̶e̶d̶ followed Duncan on Instagram for a while before I reached out to him. Eventually Duncan started to pop up on my Facebook feed as a recommended friend (damn you Facebook, you're the real stalker here) because we had many friends in common which made getting in touch a little bit less scary. 

I have no idea what I was even scared for. I can only describe Duncan as totally sound and an absolute gem of a guy, which made the whole process a million times easier. He's pretty much an honorary Scot and has the most hilarious way of writing emails to me, kind of a mish-mash of Scots/Japanese. It's an interesting mix and makes for an entertaining read. I'm sure Duncan could be telling me something awful and I would still be laughing. 

 Duncan aged 15 (not really but that's what I thought when I first saw this photo). You can read a wee bit more about Duncan  here

Duncan aged 15 (not really but that's what I thought when I first saw this photo). You can read a wee bit more about Duncan here

Here's what was included in the Summer box:

  • Rainbow pencils by Duncan Shotton Design Studio — when you sharpen them they create paper rainbows!

  • Sky sticky page markers — also created by Duncan.

  • 2 x laser-cut origami paper — different patterns in blue and white. I first discovered these at a local stationery trade show in early 2017. Next thing I know I saw them featured in all the design blogs. They are truly a thing of beauty. 

  • Shell notecards — Summer means going to the beach and finding shells to collect, These notecards had a pearlescent finish to them. They're plain inside so you can use them for any occasion. 

  • Bird index clips — these paper-made paperclips won the award for best product at the International Stationery & Office Products Fair Tokyo back in 2012. Still a winner in my book. They're grey and yellow which is my favourite colour combination!

  • Peel-off film markers — great to use on calendars and planners to highlight those important dates.

  • Washi tape — I really want to bring attention to some lesser known brands, and I really liked the way this one looked when rolled out across plain paper

Duncan also very kindly took the time to play around with the My Bungu Box logo to make it look like his rainbow pencils, a lovely touch I thought, so I made some postcards with it. 

Summer Bungu Box 2.JPG
 Massive thanks to  KemushiJP  for all these brilliant photos!

Massive thanks to KemushiJP for all these brilliant photos!

Summer Bungu Box 1.JPG
 Check out KumushiJP's review of the Summer box  here

Check out KumushiJP's review of the Summer box here


I should probably change the title of this section considering what happened last time, but there's something about the absurdity of such a dramatic word that makes me laugh over things that are now, in hindsight, not so disastrous after all.

I am forever grateful to my friends who give up their precious time to help me with the box. However, one day one of my friends had just finished a long night shift, and without telling me, came straight to the office to help me make boxes. 

I left her with the simple job of stamping the inside of the boxes (which come flat-packed) leaving one as an example. I disappeared for 30 minutes, and when I returned, I was impressed with how much she had got through. Amazing! Then I did a double take... why are they stamped like that? Oh... she stamped them the wrong way...

There was no way that once the box was assembled it would look right, so we ended up spending more time covering them up with a sticker. They didn't look great, but I couldn't afford to waste the boxes and start over. 


  1. When your friends offer to help you do something, make sure they are fully awake. 
  2. Don't relax until they've finished. 
  3. Regardless of disasters, always be grateful for friends that will help you no matter what.