MBB x by Misato

MBB x Misato.jpeg

Misato and I arrived in Tokyo a week shy of each other. Misato was born and raised in Ibaraki, but she had just spent the last 10 years in America so she was just as new to Tokyo as I was. We started to hang out a lot, mostly by delving into our other passion, eating out as often as possible!

The more Misato and I hung out, the more we realised that our creative interests aligned. She is such a motivating person to be around, with a quiet determination and hard-working ethic. I have never met anyone who works to the end of the earth to get something as perfect as Misato does when she’s creating something. Whether it’s for herself, a client, or a friend.

This collaboration was inevitable, and I’m really glad it happened. Misato works as a designer and crafter. Her brand, by Misato, produces beautiful hand-crafted pieces for installations at events, weddings, and in shop windows for some big brands here in Tokyo.

The stationery pieces she created are exclusive to My Bungu Box — you won’t find them anywhere else in the world!

The by Misato box collaboration box included —

  • Kimono cards created by Misato — letterpress postcards with traditional Japanese patterns. I am obsessed with geometric patterns and love how Misato manipulated these designs to give them her own stamp.

  • Hanabishi washi tape created by Misato — Hanabishi is a traditional Japanese pattern. This washi tape can be used on its own or added to the postcards to ‘dress them up’ like an obi (a sash).

  • Pentel x Trade T.S Mark pen — This gel roller pen is a collaboration between my stationery supplier, M.D.S, and Pentel. You won’t find these anywhere outside of Asia right now. I chose this pen because it’s great for writing on the textured postcards created by Misato.

  • Classic gold paperclips  — a sleek version of an office staple. I like the shape of these and felt that they complimented the geometric patterns on the postcard.

  • HB Mono Tombow pencils — a pack of 2 to use for drafting notes or marking up copy.

  • Logical plastic eraser by Nakabayashi — great for erasing dark and heavy pencil marks. There are 2 parts to it: soft plastic and hard.

  • Sticky memo — I have a bit of a thing for stationery print on stationery. Some call this meta, I call it an obsession! The pencil print matched up nicely with the pencil included in this box.

  • Washi tape cutter by Kokuyo — When I started this business, one item I promised to send in every box was washi tape. This washi tape cutter is the perfect compliment to my favourite product and it’s so easy to use. Just clip it on to a roll and tear of the desired length of tape, a perfect cut every time.

You can see a demo of Misato talking you through some tips on how to use her kimono cards and washi tape over on our IGTV channel.

If you managed to get your hands on this limited-edition box, let us know in the comments what you enjoyed using, what surprised you, and what you want more of!