Christmas Gift Guide: Japanese Stationery


There’s still a week left before Christmas! So you have a wee bit of time to make a mad dash to the (online) shops for presents. For a little inspiration, I’ve picked out some of my favourite stationery products: tried, tested, and recommended, straight from Japan.

1. A pack of metallic Pilot Juice Up pens 

Top quality sheen without glitter.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes there is occasion for a bit of glitter (Sakura Gelly Roll Stardust in case you’re looking), but these Juice Up pens by Pilot are a touch more sophisticated in my opinion. They write smoothly, with a fine 0.4mm nib, and the coloured grip at the bottom makes it comfortable to hold. The metallic colours shine bright on greeting cards and various coloured envelopes, and I often find myself reaching out for metallic blue more than the others when I want to add a bit of colour to my planner.

2. Rolls of washi tape  

I feel that washi tape is to stationery what lipstick is to luxury goods. Washi tape, or Japanese masking tape, is such a versatile product. You can use it to wrap presents, decorate your pen pot, brighten up your planners and diaries, use it stick photos up on your wall. It has endless uses. I was introduced to washi tape back in 2008 on my first trip to Japan. I was instantly obsessed. Cheap, simple, easy, and beautiful. What is it about the patterns on reams of masking tape that makes you want more? When I started My Bungu Box one thing I guaranteed to be in every box, is a roll of washi tape. I hope subscribers enjoy collecting them as much as I do when selecting them!

3. Gifts for a fiver*

I have to give a shoutout to the wonderful Tessa Sowry. You may know Tessa from her All Things Stationery blog. She has a great eye for picking out some top quality pieces from all over the world for her online shop, The Stationer. This season, over on The Stationer’s Instagram there are products featured for a fiver, from cute smiley clips to pocket planners. If you live in the U.K you have until the end of the day to get them in time for the Christmas post (I’m cutting this a bit fine!).

* I should clarify, that’s £5 GBP!

4. LIFE Stationery notebooks  

The highest quality from the ruler of all notebooks! Life stationery is well-known for their acid-free paper, resistant to any bleed-through or feathering from fountain pens. Their recent addition, the Margin, has the smoothest paper I’ve ever used and is available in a one-off Bungu Box, use the code XMAS10 to get 10% off *.

* By the time this is posted the cut-off date for the Christmas post will have just passed. I can send you a custom-made printable gift card in the meantime. The person receiving the gift can get their box shipped directly to them. Please email me to confirm the details.

5. Plotter 

For some serious luxury, the Plotter planner is perfect for creatives. Made by Designphil (the creator of brands such as Midori and Traveler’s) and branded by Yokohama-based design studio NOSIGNER, every element of this luxurious product is of the highest quality and feels amazing in your hands. From the gold bar running down the spine of the leather cover, to the signature fire-engine red inserts with black accents, Plotter is a wonderful addition to any creative’s toolkit. It comes in two sizes with various styles of inserts. I like the drawing paper (different from the blank paper notebook) and the mini-folders that keep all your papers separated by project.

6. Erica Ward Illustration colouring book and postcards

Erica Ward is an illustrator based in Tokyo. Her surrealist line drawings are filled with the contrasts of life in Japan. This is her first colouring book titled, Hana (flower) and includes 11 original line-art designs of women and floral motifs. They are in a word, beautiful, and would make a lovely gift for both adults and children.

That’s it! I hope you’ve enjoyed my selection of gift recommendations. Let me know what you liked the sound of the most in the comments.